Bespoke Labels

Bespoke Labels To Inspire Your Home

Bespoke Labels

Our bespoke labels offer a unique way to personalise everyday objects in your home. Spice up your spice jars with a unique font or impose your own style on soap dispensers, sanitisers and lotion bottles.

We offer personalised labelling for jars, pots, storage containers, water bottles and glass bottles to make your home a bee company home.

First of all, a warm welcome to Bee Home Company!

We are Christine & Tanya, and we are sisters from Devon who have formed not just a home decor business, but a place where we can provide ideas and inspiration to make your homes perfect by adding those finishing touches that will be talked about time and time again.

For the mum who’s tired of being asked about what’s in her jars, bottles and storage containers – or worse yet, for the mum who doesn’t know herself!

Our first blog post is all about…… bespoke labels!

Bee Bottles

We’re all about cutting down on waste and doing ‘our bit’ for the environment, which is why we have created a variety of bespoke labels for single-use products such as water bottles, spice jars and coffee pots.

Did we mention we also offer custom labelling?

So if you know of a pot, jar or container that deserves to be labelled, we can create, print and ship your named label. Just head on over to our bespoke labels section in our shop for more information.

Simplistic Tea, Coffee and Sugar Jars

Our first product we are going to talk about are already hot sellers, and these are the wonderful tea, coffee and sugar jars.

Created using a simplistic adhesive label, the design I came up with, was inspired by one of my favourite creatures, the bee of course!

Each jar is made from a thick glass, with no reports of any breakages so far! (*crosses fingers)

The bamboo lid is a great fit and it really does keep the contents locked in and fresh due to a rubber seal at the base.

Finished with a leather toggle to make access easy, we both have these proudly sat on our kitchen shelves ready to make drinks for our next guests!

We would like to point out that if you were to place an order for one, or all three, each jar is extremely well packaged before dispatch, and before we pack them up, each has there own respective label already printed and placed on the jar.

We love them, and we think you will too!

Childrens Fun Vinyl Bespoke Labels

Introducing…custom labels inspired by using childhood fonts!

These are great for personalising a range of items kids use, such as a drinks bottle, lunch boxes or even bathroom accessories.

We can personalise each bespoke label (up to a maximum of three words) which, as in our example above, could be your child’s name.

Like all of our bespoke labels, each is self adhesive, water-resistant, and moisture proof – meaning they won’t peel.

Currently there are two fonts and five colours to choose from.

Why not grab one of our glass bottles or water dispensers to go with your personalised label?

They are plenty of fun, and our children have become quite fond of having their name on some stationery we made (we did it so they won’t get lost at school!)

Glass Preserve Jars

Rather than throw away your jam and marmalade jars, why not try a refillable option?

These 250ml preserve jars are sold in pairs, and come with a screw top lid and we think they would make a great addition to your kitchen!

Refillable jars help to cut down on single use waste, so we are huge admirers of using jars that last.

Each self-adhesive bespoke label features the words ‘Jam’ and ‘Marmalade’ so once delivered to you, all you have to do is fill them up with your favourite preserve!


Now how about a sneaky peak at bespoke label printing?

We follow Jennifer Maker who is a great advocate for crafts and decor, so we thought we would share a video for you to enjoy below.

You can follow her on Facebook here.

Simplistic Label Spice Jars with Bamboo Lids

These spice jars are one of our favourite and top sellers on our website!

Great for storing herbs and spices, or even stock cubes, they really help keep things organised in your kitchen.

Each jar is airtight, made from a thick glass, and they are incredibly easy to fill with all your favourite herbs and spices.

Doesn’t the bee bespoke label make them look unique?

On our product page, you will find a huge list of herbs and spices, so you can pick and choose which ones you need in just a couple of clicks.

Custom Vinyl Bespoke Labels

We finish off our first blog post by talking about our custom vinyl bespoke labels, which is where you can enter your custom word (up to a maximum of three words) and choose your font six handpicked styles!

These have been particularly popular with mums who like to personalise their home decor, not just lunch boxes and stationery!

We have found customers have really enjoyed using them for condiments, storage containers (such as for cereal and pasta) and bathroom accessories like soap, shampoo and conditioners bottles.

They can be used for anything you can think of – with a little bit of imagination!

Because each bespoke label is self adhesive, water-resistant, and moisture proof meaning they won’t peel, they are ideal for home and kitchen, or even in the garden!

Custom Vinyl Bespoke Labels

Thank you for reading our blog, and as always, we really do appreciate sharing this with your friends and family (which you can do below)

We’ll see you soon on another blog post in the coming weeks!


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