Bee planters

Why We Love Bee Planters

Our second blog post is all about….Bee Planters!

It seems so long ago we could hear the sound of buzzing in the garden and with Spring approaching fast, we will start to welcome these honey drunk insects back into our gardens again, with our selection of Bumble Bee Planters available you will be spoilt for choice.

There are lots of different sizes, colours and shapes of Bee Ceramic Plant Pots on the market, so its hard sometimes to know which one to choose for your Garden or indoor space.

Lets start by taking about our first product, which is one of my favourite planters!

This tall Bee Cement Planter is perfect for anybody looking to create a buzz around the product of their favourite horticultural pursuits.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, this planter will provide the perfect showcase for your favourite flowers and add a botanical touch to your home, patio or garden.

Measuring approximately 21cm tall and 15cm wide this planter is quite heavy, so it shouldn’t be easily knocked or blown over by the wind.

Grey Embossed Bee Planter

New in, at the time of writing, we are sure this planter is going to bee popular. This planter comes in a lovely shade of grey and is embossed with a hexagon pattern to mimic a beehive design.

There is a Bee in the middle of the planter, with the word ‘Kind’ underneath, a popular phrase used in social media over the last couple of years to remind people to be kind to others.

This is such a lovely statement piece for displaying your houseplants or an ideal gift idea for someone special, we have the matching mug in stock too!

Measuring approximately 13.5cm tall and 13.5cm wide this planter has a lovely sheen finish, and would be perfect for any Bee lover.

Terracotta Bee Pattern Plant Pots

The first terracotta plant pot features an all-over bee design, the second terracotta plant pot features a single bee design both accented by a subtle whitewash effect.

These pots are perfect in size for small/medium house plants or flower bouquets and they make a great gift for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Teachers, Bee lovers and even Gardeners.

The all-over bee design pot measures approximately 16cm tall and 11.5cm wide, and the single bee pot measures approximately 11cm tall and 8.5cm wide, these planters will fit perfectly into anyone’s décor space.

Other Bee Planters We Love

Did you know that boohoo sell planters?

Whilst searching for other Bumble Bee Planters I came across this adorable hanging planter which looks perfect for either artificial (for those who aren’t to great at being a plant queen!) or to hold a live plant of your choice.

The design on this planter is very similar to our set of 3 Queen Bee vases, where each one features a unique shape and is perfect for showcasing small bunches of blooms.

When visiting our local garden centre Otter nurseries recently, I found some beautiful honeycomb ‘Bee Kind’ planters, unfortunately not listed on their website, they came in a range of sizes and designs.

We really love visiting here especially in the Springtime, they always have a large selection of Outdoor Plant pots available (and a lovely café where they have a huge selection of homemade cake).

The ‘Bee Kind’ range of planters, supports the Bee Conservation Trust.

The Trust’s vision is ‘to create a world where bumblebees are thriving and valued’, with a mission to increase the number and distribution of bumblebees.

We recommend visiting the Bee Conservation Trust website if you would like to get involved.

In the meantime we can all do our bit to support Bumble Bees, whether its giving them a drink from one of the Bee revival kits or by planting Lavender, Crocus & Hydrangeas in pots which helps to give bees the foraging environment they need to survive and thrive in our gardens. 

You can transform a patio, balcony or even window sill into a haven for bees!

Don’t forget to check out our first blog post, which looks at our ‘Bespoke Labels’ one of which includes a Bumble Bee, designed by us, especially for you. In case you missed it click here to find out more.

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